Pan American Round Table is an organization designed to bring into closer union the women and children of the Western Hemisphere and to develop a relationship through mutual knowledge, understanding and friendship among its peoples.

We seek to offer educational opportunities to young deserving women and to promote knowledge, friendship, and understanding among the people of the Americas.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Offering Scholarships to promote education
  • Promoting friendship and understanding among people of the western hemisphere
  • Learning and sharing information about other cultures of the Americas
  • Participating in member projects
  • Having Speaker events to enlighten members and guests


As an affiliate of the Pan American Round Tables of the State of Texas, this organization shall be named The Pan American Round Table of Houston. It shall be a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian and non federated organization.
The purposes of this organization are exclusively charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.
The objective of this organization shall be: To provide mutual knowledge, understanding and friendship among the peoples of the Western Hemisphere. To foster movements toward a higher civilization, especially that affecting women and children of these countries.
Section 1. No part of the net earnings of this organization shall inure to the benefit of any private individual, except the recipients of any scholarship funds of the organization, and no part of its activities shall be the carrying on of any propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Section 2. Upon the final dissolution or liquidation of this organization and after discharge or satisfaction of all outstanding obligations and liabilities, the remaining assets shall be attributed to organizations exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or corresponding provisions of any future Internal Revenue Law) or to any Federal, State or local government for public purposes.
Section 1. The membership shall consist of active (dues paying) associates, honorary members, and courtesy members. Section 2. The dues paying membership shall not exceed 150. Each member shall serve on a committee representing one of the American Republics or Canada, following the pattern of the Pan American Union. Section 3. The associate membership shall consist of: Members who have become inactive due to nonattendance or inability to remain active. After ten years of active membership, members may become eligible for the associate list at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Associate members shall have the privilege of attending all functions of the Table listed in the yearbook, bringing guests if they choose. They shall forfeit the privilege of sponsoring new members, voting or serving on the Board of Directors. Nonresident members who wish to be associated with Pan American Round Table may be placed on the associate list for a period of two years. Section 4. Honorary members shall be those upon whom such service membership has been conferred because of distinguished service to the Pan American cause. The wife of the Mayor of Houston shall also be an Honorary member during the mayor’s term of office. Section 5. Courtesy Membership shall be offered to consular spouses, civic leaders and others as approved by the Board. Dues will be waived, but courtesy members will pay for luncheons and other functions.
Section 1. The officers shall be: Director, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Associate Directors; Recording Secretary and Assistant; Corresponding Secretary and Assistant; Treasurer and Assistant; and Historian. Section 2. All Officers shall be elected for a period of one year. No officer shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms. Section 3. A Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Director.
Section 1. Meetings shall be monthly, October through May.
Section 1. The Constitution and following Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of active members present at any regular meeting, providing a copy of such amendment has been read and presented to the Recording Secretary in writing at the previous meeting.
BYLAWS ARTICLE I MEMBERSHIP Section 1 Qualifications for membership shall be interest plus willingness to accept the status of membership which carries with it the responsibility of supporting the organization in meeting our Object as defined in the Constitution – Article III. Section 2 Names proposed for Honorary Membership must be submitted to and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of active members and they shall not pay dues. ARTICLE II DUES Section 1 Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Dues statements will be sent in May and are payable by June 30th. Dues will be for one fiscal year which is the period from June 1 through May 31. Section 2 Membership is forfeited for nonpayment of dues at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Section 3 Student members shall pay a portion of the annual dues as determined by the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall not pay dues. Section 4 Transfers and new members coming to this Table prior to March 31st shall pay current yearly dues. If coming after March 31st dues will include the remainder of the current year and the next fiscal year. Section 5 The Houston Table is a member of the State of Texas Pan American Round Table and the International Alliance. The table will pay appropriate fees to the state and international organization(s) for membership based on active paid members. ARTICLE III GENERAL MEETINGS Section 1 An annual meeting shall be held in early June. This meeting shall be for the purpose of receiving annual reports, the installation of new officers and attention to other business that might arise. Section 2 Special meetings may be called by the Director, or at the written request of twelve or more members. ARTICLE IV QUORUM Section 1 Ten members shall constitute a quorum at any General Meeting ARTICLE V ELECTION OF OFFICERS Section 1 The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the current director. The Chairman of this committee shall be the immediate Past Director if available. The nominating committee shall present a slate of officers for election by March 1st. These names will be publicized to the general membership and elections will occur by April 30th. Nominations may also be made by the general membership prior to the election. Election may be held at a general meeting or may be conducted electronically. Section 2 Election will be by secret ballot unless there is only one candidate for the given office. Section 3 After the regular election of new officers, the Nominating Committee shall be responsible for filling any vacancies in the newly elected slate which occur before it is installed. ARTICLE VI DUTIES OF OFFICERS Section 1 The Director shall perform the duties inherent to the office of presiding officer. She shall appoint all standing and special committees authorized by the Round Table and serve as ex-officio member of these committees. She shall approve all orders of the Treasurer. Section 2 The Associate Directors shall fill the office of Director in numerical order should a vacancy occur in that office. They shall serve as Chairmen of Standing Committees as follows: First Associate Director Program Second Associate Director Membership Third Associate Director Scholarships Fourth Associate Director Communications Fifth Associate Director Arrangements Sixth Associate Director Fundraising Seventh Associate Director Alumni Coordinator Section 3 The Fifth Associate Director, Arrangements, shall keep and preserve in good order all properties of the Houston Chapter of the Pan American Round Table necessary for PR and Marketing of all events. They shall also coordinate public relations activities. The Arrangements director is responsible for setting up the venues for each event and tracking RSVP’s. She will work with Programs director to determine appropriate venues for each program. An annual calendar should be finalized by September 1. Details for each event need to be finalized with the Communications director for inclusion in the newsletter and website. Section 4 The Secretary shall keep in permanent form the minutes of all meetings of the Body and the Board. She shall also send out correspondence at the direction of the Director. Section 5 The Membership Director shall keep an accurate roster of all members and shall be responsible for the creation of the annual Directory. She will coordinate with all Board Members to obtain information needed for the Directory. She will also coordinate communications with members that do not have access to email or internet. Section 6 The Communications Director shall attend to all website communications, to include the website, automated event invitations and any social media. She will communicate with the Web Master to ensure the PART Website is up-to-date and notifications of all events are sent to members via automated event invitations and the newsletter. Section 7 The Treasurer shall collect all dues and fees, send out notices of dues and keep accounts. The Treasurer is responsible for communicating with the Membership Director the status of dues for all active members. She shall present a report at each Board meeting and report to the Body annually and as required. She shall serve as Chairman of the Budget Committee. She shall also acknowledge all gifts of donors. Section 8 The Historian shall collect and preserve in a systematic manner everything of historical interest pertaining to the Houston Pan American Round Table. She will be the state contact for Texana or any other historical/archival information requested. Section 9 The Parliamentarian shall give the rule of the adopted authority on all points referred to her. She will keep order at board meetings. Section 10 The Programs Director is responsible for coordinating the major scheduled annual events. She will work with arrangements director to determine appropriate venues, she is responsible for soliciting speakers or entertainment for these programs. An annual calendar should be finalized by September 1. Details for each event need to be finalized with the Communications director for inclusion in the newsletter and website. Section 11 The Scholarship Director is responsible for implementing the scholarship application process each year. She will summarize the applications and present a package to the scholarship committee for review and selection each year. She will coordinate the creation of the Scholarship Award Reception Program and coordinate communication with the scholars. Section 12 The Alumni Coordinator is responsible for communications with past and current scholarship recipients. She will coordinate socials with the scholarship recipients and members to encourage participation and membership. Section 13 The Fundraising Director is responsible for coordinating with the Board to create fundraisers. She will develop communications geared toward soliciting corporate funding and corporate sponsorships of our organization. Section 14 The Forms/Documents Coordinator maintains an inventory of Stationery, thank you cards and forms and documents needed by the Board to conduct business. She shall notify the Director and Treasurer when supplies need to be re-ordered. ARTICLE VII BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section 1 The members of this organization shall constitute a Board of Directors and shall transact the business of the Round Table between meetings. Section 2 The Board of Directors shall fill such vacancies as may occur on the Board. Section 3 The Board of Directors may select an Executive Committee from its members to act between Board meetings. Section 4 Five (5) members shall constitute a quorum of the Board. Members of any standing committees may be included among these members. ARTICLE VIII STANDING COMMITTEES Section 1 The Standing Committees shall be the Programs, Membership, Communications, Budget, Arrangements, and such other committees as the Body shall create. ARTICLE IX INSIGNIA Section 1 The insignia originated and adopted by the Charter Round Table shall be used by the Round Table. ARTICLE X PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY Section 1 The organization shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, in all points not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws. STANDING RULES No. 1 All reservations should be paid in advance on-line. Provision shall be made to accept payment at the door for those members who do not have electronic access No. 2 The names of the Past Directors and the years they served shall be listed in the Houston Pan American Round Table Electronic Yearbook. No. 3 There shall be no guests during closed business meetings, except by invitation of the Director. No. 4 The Membership Committee will receive applications during the year. Applications will be available online and once dues are paid the new member will be added to the electronic Yearbook. No. 5 The incoming Director shall call a joint meeting of the new and old Boards within two weeks after the Annual Meeting to clarify the duties of the officers and preserve the continuity of the organization. No. 6 Officers and Chairmen of all committees shall turn over to their successors reports of their activities, papers and suggestions pertaining to their offices or committees at the earliest possible date after the close of the year. No. 7 Delegates to the Convention of the Pan American Round Table of Texas shall be the Director and the Director- elect. Alternates shall be elected by the Board if needed. No. 8 Memorials Individual memorials to the Scholarship Funds should be sent to the Treasurer. No. 9 Annual dues shall be $60.00 per year. Student dues shall be $25.00 per year