PART Houston Board of Directors 2019-2020

We are a diverse group of women with a mission to empower the community by awarding scholarships to Latinas graduating from High School, and by promoting friendship and understanding of cultures in the Americas – Canada, USA, Mexico, Central and South America. We all volunteer our time and efforts and we focus on finding resources for Young Latinas who aspire to go to college.

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Una Para Todas y Todas Para Una | One for All and All for One

Houston Director

Flor Hoill

I joined Pan American Round Table of Houston (PART-H) in 2016 as Membership Director and have been involved since. During the Scholarship Reception of 2021, I was elected Director. I like to be of service and because I try to live by the motto: live to serve, not to be served, this seemed like a good cause to volunteer for. I enjoy seeing people having fun and in fellowship with a purpose: to give back by helping Young Latinas thrive through education. 

Programs & Arrangements

Laura Cervantes

The reason I joined Pan American Round Table of Houston back in July 2017, was because I felt the positive vibes of Sisterhood and there was a close bond with all the members. I also love to be able to help young Latina Women to meet their goal of attending college. This truly makes me happy! In 2018 I became Programs Director. Shortly after, the Board offered me the position of Programs and Arrangement Director. I love to volunteer to make things happen. I like to connect with new people and make new friends. Seeing the Scholarship Recipients happy is the main reason we all volunteer, we serve to help Students reach their educational goals.

Membership Director

Cinthia Milian

Cinthia was drawn to the Pan American Roundtable of Houston as a scholarship recipient in 2006 and 2007. She believes in the mission of PART-H of promoting education, friendship, and creating a space where Latinx women can be seen, heard, recognized, and celebrated. Cinthia joined the Board as Membership Director in September 2021. Cinthia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Houston Baptist University. After a decade in non-profit mental health, she decided it was time to launch her first entrepreneurial venture and founded The Cosmer Center, a private practice based in Houston. Cinthia is a new member of the Women of Wardrobe, a professional organization led by women raising awareness of Dress for Success Houston through social events and volunteerism. 

Scholarship Director

Catherine Louivier

Very soon after joining the PART-H, family I came to see the awarding of scholarships as the act of spreading culture through the gift of education that the organization strives for in The Mission Statement. It’s been my great privilege to serve in the capacity of director of the scholarship committee (with loads of support) since 2020. The PART scholars are an extraordinary group of Latinas, comprised of elite, Houston-area, students who are largely first-generation college applicants that express an awareness of cultural outreach, while performing at the upper reaches of academia. All of this while still in high school, and often under challenging circumstances. I must admit that the search for candidates is a reward of its own. It would be nice to say I love helping them, but the truth is that I find the process quite satisfying personally, and the best thing I have to offer them is one another, and PART-H. In fact, I have found the bonds forged by the girls within the program quite inspirational. It has been fascinating to see the strength they draw from knowing there is more than one of their fellows in New York, or Minnesota (for example) when they get back together for gatherings on break. Knowing one isn’t “out there” (or for that matter, “back here”) alone…having a cultural touchstone seems to help the group normalize the various experiences of their unfamiliar collegiate environments. I think that anyone among us would be feel as gratified as I do to know that this is the at the heart of what we stand for.

Communications Director

Maria Duran

Alum Coordinator

Belinda Kaylani

It’s like eating a bag of your favorite chips, you cannot eat just one. Joining PART is just like that, I found my area of passion, impacting the lives of young latinas AND associating with great women.I recall being asked to attend a PART-H function by a member from the Austin Table. I joined for the camaraderie of kindred spirits, women up to something, women who make a difference, women who change the destinies of young deserving latinas, women who change the destinies of families. Here,  try a PARTH Chip! 


Susan Huston

My mother joined the Pan American Round Table in the Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX tables back in the 70’s so I’ve had a knowledge of the great things this organization does since I was a child. In the 90’s I answered the call to serve myself by joining the Houston table. I have made life long friends and had so many wonderful experiences as a member of this table. I am most proud of the many scholarships we have been able to give to well deserving young women, many of whom are the first in their families to get a higher education. I have learned about the history, culture, art and humanity of the Americas through my travels with my sisters in this great organization. Una Para Todas Y Todas Para Una!

Correspondence Coordinator

Martha Inskeep

When I reflect on my reasons for serving on the board of Pan America Round Table of Houston, I immediately think of all the good times we have had and the satisfaction of being involved in something genuinely worthwhile. Although I became a member of Pan American Round Table over 15 years ago while living in Austin, it was not until I moved to Houston after retirement about 10 years ago that I became active in the organization. I contacted the Houston table shortly after my husband’s transfer to Houston and was immediately invited to join in their social activities, which served as a wonderful transition to a new community where I really did not know anyone. Very soon the ladies of PART Houston became new friends and made me feel so welcome. Initially, the social aspect of the organization was the draw as this group of international women is so much fun, but I later became very interested in the particular mission to raise funds to offer scholarships to young women. As a retired Spanish and ESL teacher and the mother of two grown daughters, empowerment through education has always been a passion of mine. Serving on the board as secretary and corresponding secretary has been a bonding experience and a valuable way to spend my time. I feel very lucky to be helpful to my good friends in the organization here and to continue making new friends through our international contacts. 

Historian & Treasurer

Kaye Fraser

 I joined Pan American Round Table of Houston in 2016.  However, PART has been a part of my life since I can remember. My father told my sister and I when we were young that his grandmother (our great grandmother) was the founder of an organization called the Pan American Round Tables in San Antonio, Texas.  Since I was born and raised in the small town of Sugar Land, southwest of Houston, it did not mean much to either of us.  Our Aunt Ruth (Dad’s sister), who was a member of a Dallas table, would talk about the goings on with the organization with their mother, Ruth, whenever we would get together as a family but again it was not a conversation that interested a young girl.  

Unfortunately, I did not become interested in learning more until after my dad, his sister and my grandmother had passed.  But with the age of the internet, I was finally able to connect and join.  Since joining, I have learned a lot about people, places, cultures, art and music while raising money to assist young girls to go to college. The bonus? Making tons of friends. I encourage all to join, get involved and make the Americas a better place for all.   


Teresita Harbord

I am honored to participate in the Pan American Roundtable of Houston to help young women achieve their goals by going to college. I worked at a very young age at a drafting office and through that experience worked for over 38 years in the engineering field. Having a college education would’ve made this experience a better one for me. I will endeavor to continue to help young ladies to have that opportunity.

Alum: Maritza Garcia, Lynnsie McBride, Mariana Keymolen

TERM: June 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022